Looping drum module in real time

edited September 2013 in Techniques

Hi - I'm just looking into this for the first time and was wondering if anyone could clarify the following. I have a Roland SPD-SX drum module which I use in a live band situation to augment my live playing, with various electronic kit sounds/samples etc.

I'm looking for the option to be able to loop whatever I'm playing on the SPD in real time, so that I can then intersperse acoustic drums over the top. However, annoyingly, the SPD itself does not have this functionality to record 'on the fly'. The other crucial point is that I need to record the SPD directly into Loopy without the other instruments also being recorded.

I only have an iPhone 4S, but was wondering how I might be able to achieve the above, given that there is only one output on the iPhone and I can't use the iPhone mic as all the other instruments bleed into this when playing live? I notice the iRig has been mentioned as an option, but that the sound quality might not be the best.

If anyone could suggest any decent solutions, I would be most grateful...

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