iRig and Loopy HD metronome

edited February 2012 in General
Hi, I've noticed that when metronome is pressed while I use iRig, it does end up recorded. You don't hear the kick, but the hi-hat is pretty audible. I wondered if that is something to do with the app because it doesn't happen in garageband for example. Any ideas?


  • Im having issues as well, when i use the irig, the tracks that are activated end up recorded , even if there is nothing connected to the iRig input, please help!
  • Hi! Unless I'm mistaken, this sounds like you're getting crosstalk from the iRig, where the output path induces a current in the input path, creating a signal.

    If you have any other apps that record while simultaneously playing audio, you could use these to verify that, but I'm pretty sure that's what's happening.

    So, this is a hardware problem - I recommend getting in touch with the iRig guys.
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