Softstep Footpedal & Loopy HD

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I would like the buy a footpedal to control Loopy HD on my iPad.
I plan to connect the Softstep Footpedal (Link: to the Softstep Midi Expander. Then I want to connect the 5-Pin from the 'Midi Expander Midi Out' to the '5-Pin Midi In' of my Audiointerface RME UFX / UCX.

Can someone please confirm if this solution will work?

Thank you!



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    Haven't tried it, but it should work. Be aware that by hooking it up this way, you will need to use an external power supply for the Softstep (through the USB port on the expander).

    I connect my Softstep directly to the iPad (in conjunction with an additional audio/MIDI I/O) via USB through a powered USB hub so that way only one cable is needed for both power and MIDI transmission on the Softstep. I also have (but rarely use) the expander, and the power provided by the USB hub to the Softstep will also power the expander once it is connected to the Softstep. If the RME also requires a powered USB hub then this may be the way to go, but either way should work.

  • I just went that route, using an Alesis IO dock. It works just fine. I'm using the notes setting on the softstep.

  • Hey everyone,
    does anyone have a good Loopy-preset for the Keith McMillan Softstep.
    I got one from ebay really cheap :-D
    And now I ve recognized that the softstep can indicate a loop-recording by a red lamp for each button...

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    @marcdetriumphe - I'd be willing to share with you but honestly I doubt it would be anything of value to you since my Loopy scene is nothing more than all 10 buttons each sending a single different CC message. The only thing special about it is that it set up to have all green LEDs set to on by default just so I can easily identify which scene (preset or loopy) I am in when looking down. Everything else is handled in MidiBridge. I've found this to be easier since there is no iPad softstep editor.

    I would advise to not dump your current controller until you are sure the softstep will work for you. It's very compact and low profile, so you do have to look before you stomp in most cases. Also the cool blue backlighting will probably have to be disabled to kill nasty noise. And if you bought used, I would advise reinstalling the firmware even if it is on the latest version. I had issues with mine not saving from the editor but this fixed it.

    All that being said, after a bit of a learning curve and quite a few emails to KMI tech support, I really love my softstep now. I don't miss schlepping around the FCB anymore, and my entire rig (including both guitar and vocal processing, wireless guitar and wireless guitar synth systems, and full midi foot and keyboard control) all fits in a Pedaltrain mini bag!

  • @Ringleader I'd be willing to share with you but honestly I doubt it would be anything of value

    Hi I would be happy to get your Loopy scene anyway! :-) Just to examine it closely.

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