Connect 2 devices to iPad CCK

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can I connect 2 devices to the iPad Camera Connection Kit?

  • 1st device: Audio Interface through USB (RME UFX)
  • 2nd device: Behringer FC1010 Footpedal goes into MIDI IN of RME UFX
  • 3rd device: Roland Soundmodule through USB

If, I’m wondering which powered USB Hub will work on iPad2 and iPad4. (There is no need to powering the iPad.)

Any recommended and working USB Hubs are welcome!

Thank you!



  • I am able to attach a Blue Yeti usb mic, and my Akai EWI usb controller at the same time successfully, through a Belkin 4-way usb hub, but one is a controller and the other is an audio interface.

    It may be possible, but I have not heard of anyone successfully doing multiple audio interfaces into an iPad.

  • will any usb hub work with the ipad?

  • I use my Oxygen 25 Midi Keyboard and my FCB1010 via USB HUB and it works great.

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    As long as the hub has it's own power supply you should be fine - I have Zoom G3X and generic USB to MIDI cable plugged into a powered USB hub then into an iPhone (iOS7) or iPad (iOS6). Loopy recognises audio and midi.

  • I don't know if you're trying to use the Roland device for audio/midi or just midi. For midi you should be fine. For audio you're probably better off using Fireface and routing audio through it.

    I have Belkin 7 slot powered usb hub, the one that's a ring on the bottom with 2 slots facing up in the middle. It's the best hub I've ever had I've had a lot of hubs that wouldn't run some devices plugged into a hub...wanted to be direct into a computer. This particular Belkin is the best I know at running everything that goes into it.

  • Hi all,

    I have a mystery hub problem and I'd welcome help figuring it out. CCK to a standard usb2 hub, connected to a Zoom B3 and a softstep foot pedal. Both the Zoom and the Softstep appear on the list of control devices. I only check the softtstep (which has bindings). As soon as I hit a bass note running through the B3 sound stops coming out of the audio jack on the ipad2 and won't start again until I unplug the CCK. Any guesses what's going on?


  • @Jeremy - sounds like an order of connections thing to me. Try using just the headphone out on the B3. Or, if you need to use the iPad headphone connector for whatever reason, connect your B3/hub to the iPad and then connect your headphones to the iPad shortly after that.

  • Thank you ringleader. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered a problem like this before. My only question at this point is about connecting two USB devices to the CCK through a hub. Nothing really about headphones. And I will try all the variations on order of connection. Has anyone noticed that the brand of hub makes a difference? Are there settings I should be changing. The B3 does show up as a potential control device. Is there a way to make it invisble as a control device, or to manage usb channels or the like?


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    It is ok to have multiple midi devices hooked up to the usb hub, but from my experience, only 1 audio interface at a time is recommended. The ipad will switch between audio outputs based on what is plugged in in what order. So if you are using the headphone jack on the ipad and then plug in the B3 via the CCK, then the ipad may switch the output to the B3 on you because it is the last connected device. So in regards to your sound disappearing issue, it still could be about where and when you are connecting your headphones.

  • "from my experience, only 1 audio interface at a time is recommended."

    This is correct, class-compliant audio (the built in software driver for connecting an audio device) only has ability to connect to one audio device at a time. But you can go nuts with multiple MIDI devices into a USB hub. :)

    I think the headphone output situation may depend on which app is controlling the Audio in iOS. Some apps can route audio to headphones and to the connected audio interface. I don't think Loopy can do this yet (vote for it on the facebook poll!)

  • Ringleader, Now I get it! Thank you both so much for the help. You solved it!


  • Jeremy,

    I have had great success with using multiple MIDI controllers. Currently, I'm running two to control Loopy: The Behringer FCB1010 and the Korg NanoKontrol2. They work flawlessly because Loopy recognizes what device I click and they never interfere with each other. I'm also using an IK Multimedia IRig Keys Midi Controller with their app to add some keys in my recording. So in all, I'm using three controllers with no issues thus far. I just have the two desktop controllers (IK & Korg) plugged into a hub and then that hub plugged into a powered HUB with my FCB1010, Soundcard, and iPad Mini. Works amazing!

    If you have any other questions let me know!

  • Hey everyone. I know I'm late to this party, but I am right on the verge of buying this kind of equipment and this is just the kind of stuff I'm trying to work out. Broken Record, you sound like you have the exact setup I'm looking at. I know I want the FCB, and the idea of controlling things with the Nano sounds awesome, but what is your audio interface? I haven't seen you comment on that yet. I want to play live and am trying to have the smallest most compact set up as possible. Really if you could do a video on how all of this goes together that would be awesome!! Ha!

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    Hey @ABrokenRecord, does your NanoKontrol still send messages to loopy (or other apps) when it is not the active (foreground) app?

    I tried converting a USB keyboard to a foot controller and although it works fine and does the job admirably, it stops sending messages as soon as I activate a different app, even with Loopy active in the background.

    I'm trying to ascertain whether USB MIDI works like MIDI, or... well... USB.

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