My loopy app is frozen

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The app is frozen on my iPhone- it is playing through a track when I open it but isn't functional (I can't tap on anything including the drop down menus). Any help would be appreciated.

Also can't find the support number or email for this app. Can anyone pass it along to me? I need this app for a performance and need to make sure it's stable.



  • Have you tried closing the app completely? Double tap the phone's home button, hold down the loopy icon in the tray that's revealed for a couple of seconds, when they start to twitch, tap the little X icon on the loopy icon (in the tray). Tap the home button again to put your phone back to normal and then start loopy again.

    This forum is the support number. ;)

  • I had tried that yesterday-today it started working again after it took about five minutes to load so maybe I just strained it. Thanks!

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