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Anyone know how to send a guitar and mic through an iPad at the same time? I want to play/sing with the loops I create on the fly, so I'd play through Amplitube, sing through a VOX processor and have some kind of foot controls to manage starting/stopping/muting loops. Lots of talk here about different hardware but I can't find anything that specifically tells me how to do this.

I have an iPad 3 and an FCB1010 (that I use with Mainstage on my Mac).


  • I don't know if there's any way for you to split your inputs into separate apps like that. Not many apps have an input matrix.

  • I wonder what others are doing then when playing live with loopy?

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    hi darylb

    that is what I am doing with tascam iu2, but can not run voxs and guitar on separate channels through 2 separate apps. The only way is to use either vox or guitar at the same time, which limits it largely, so I only use fx for voice and connect my guitar to a floor pedal... :(

    @Michael the Creator ;)
    Any news on loopy/ audiobus update which would allow for better multi channel interface support? I guess it would have to be audiobus. Like 2 independent buses next to each other running different apps? Hehe dreaming here or am I?

  • Thanks Toni. Hoping for the same thing Michael!

  • Michael has been eating lots of apples recently and became much quieter ;)
    Hope you will not get any stomach aches after these ;)

  • and when do you think that next update will be out @michael ?

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    I'm guessing it comes out with iOS 7, just because it seems like some of Loopy's new features are tied in with unannounced iOS 7 features. Speculation here, but hopefully we will hear more on Tuesday from Apple.

  • @Ringleader/ Michael - can't wait!!! :)
    just hope the ios7 does not bring any demons to the music world...
    guess will c soon...

  • I am not going to update to iOS 7 with my current iPad 3. Just seems too risky. I am hoping to purchase a new generation iPad to explore iOS 7 but that might be a while.

  • When was the last time you saw a major iOS update with no problems?
    Although 6.0 wasn't too bad for musicians.

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