Mono mode?

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First off - this is an great app!

I've noticed when doing overdubs to one 'wheel' of loops you can get phasing issues, just wondering if a mono mode would get around this ?

Thank you!


  • Thanks Peter!

    Hmm, I haven't seen this before - would you email me a sample? (support at atastypixel dot com). If it's truly phasing, the number of channels won't make any difference, however - phasing is the result of taking two identical copies of a signal and combining them with a slight (and usually varying) offset.
  • Hey Michael!
    That's exactly what I'm doing! I only notice the phasing when I'm using stereo loopers but never when I use a mono one. It's no issue really, just wondered if there was a way around it. I like to pile loads of stuff in each one!

    It's an amazing app, by the way. If this did reverse and pitch up/down (like the EHX pedals) it'd be unbeatable. I love it either way though!

  • How interesting that it doesn't happen for you in mono! Is there any chance you could record a session demoing this, and email it to me? (support at atastypixel dot com)

    Thanks heaps! =) Reverse and pitch (and a bunch of other FX and manipulations) are coming relatively soon!
  • Sure, I'll try and record one and email it over.

    VERY excited at these possible additions to Loopy!
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