Loopy HD won't start


I'd like to report a problem with your app Loopy hd for Ipad.

I bought it a few months ago, and during these months I've been recording many songs and I have never had any problems. Today, after recording one song, I've closed my Ipad and later, when I've wanted to listen my new song again, it has been imposible to open again the app. So that I've tried to open it again, and again, and again. And always with the same result. After rebooting the Ipad, and turning it off and on again, the result has been the same. It doesn't work and when i want to run the app, it only prompts: 'loading' and later the app crashes and goes off!

I guess that i have to uninstal the app and to download it again, but if I do that, WILL I LOOSE ALL MY RECORDINGS? I have never transfer a session or recording to my computer. I would really want to keep them, is it possible somehow?

Thanks in advance for your quick feedback, I am very sad for the songs I created and could lose forever.


  • Ugh, i've never heard of that happening. Don't worry, you wont lose your songs!

    Connect your ipad to your computer, open itunes, navigate to your ipad, find the "apps" tab, scroll that screen down and you'll see an alphabetical list of apps. Find LoopyHD, click on it and on the right side you'll see your sessions and recordings. Select them all and save them to your computer.

    Once you've done that, and you're sure you can find them on your computer, delete and reinstall loopy. Once installed, you can reconnect to itunes and do the exact same process but at the end, copy your sessions and recordings back to your ipad (if you want to).

  • Thanks for your feedback syrupcore!

    I followed the steps you detailed and managed to do the proper backup of my sessions and recordings via itunes. After that I reinstalled loopyhd in my Ipad -works fine now :).

    However, I am able to transfer back to loopyhd all the recordings BUT not the sessions, as it seems I cannot copy folders back to the loopyHd app files.

    Do you know how to transfer back (or import?) all the sessions to the ipad?

    Thanks for your kind help in advance :)

  • This happend to me at a gig. I had all my percussion loops on Loopy. I got all of them back after a restart. It would be nice if there was a way to back up files directly from the ipad so you can save stuff away from a laptop.

  • Glad it worked!

    I've never actually tried to put stuff back. :) If I recall correctly, you can zip them and then transfer them. Loopy will know what to do with the zips.

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