Organize Loops in Folders

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Hi, I use a lot of loops in Loopy and was wondering if there is a way to organize them into folders or something like that. Thanks!


  • Hello - Loopy will recognise folders if you upload the loops into Loopy as a zip file, with subfolders - but it only works this way, and will only display the folders as sections within the main view. I'm planning on adding some more sophisticated loop management stuff soon (including proper folders), though.
  • Ok, cool thanks!
  • Michael,
    i am new so i am sure this has been asked: how can i delete user loops in the app?
  • Hi @lazyi - currently, you can't; you'll need to use iTunes. I will be implementing a management system soon though.
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    I do also have tens of sessions, it's a mess just to try to find whatever... Having folders would be a great help to organize sessions, and I am pretty sure it mustn't be a complicated implementation thought.

  • I hadn't thought of adding a folder management system for sessions, but you make a good point - I'll see what I can do.
  • thank you Michael, itunes does not allow user to delete from Loopy App however, so it would be great if you could allow users to manage our files in your great app. aloha
  • Actually @lazyi, iTunes does allow this. Just select, then press delete.
  • Maybe it's a id too make a howto?
    I think you must do it by the app section of iTunes,
    And then the under section of that page.
    Normaly you see there more options too manage programs.
    Or am i wrong?

  • Ah file management! This would be my final request!

    Great App! So great me and Loopy are off on a tour of France!!!


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