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Hi everyone,

I must say that I am really impressed by LOOPYs possibility of programming your midi footpedal to your own needs.
But as there is quite a lot of midi bindings that could be used, I would like to ask especially the fcb 1010 users:
how did you layout the midi signals fo the footpedal? Which are the most important commands for live looping and playing an instrument with two hands constantly in use ?
I would appreciate getting some suggestions
Thanks in Advance


  • Hey Steff,

    I've decided to control Loopy with MIDI PC commands on CH1, mostly. I've got PC1 (2, 3...) set to "Solo Track 1" (2, 3...), PC17 (18, 19...) is bound to "Toggle Mute" for a couple of loops, and PC98 means "Toggle record and select next track". On my FCB1010, I use a bank for each song. Normally, buttons 1-5 are set to switch between drum loops, buttons 8 an 9 toggle additional background loops, and button 10 is for "Record and select next" - i.e. live looping. Works fine for me.

    I'm using Loopy with a slightly modified IO Dock - I've hacked it to allow for additional USB input into the iPad - a Korg R3 synthesizer, a FCB1010 (running the extended UnO firmware, which I absolutely recommend), and a master keyboard as an input. Signal path is as follows: Master key MIDI out -> FCB1010 (with MIDI Thru) -> Korg R3, and the R3 is connected to the iPad via USB. Softsynths like Sunrizer running on my iPad3. Loopy works as MIDI master clock, so all synths and arps are in sync. (All clock outputs activated, R3 interface and Dock activated as control inputs.)

  • thanks Tom for the detailed description;
    your setup looks like a very good starting point for me! Did you program the fcb keys manually from within loopy?

  • My setup works pretty well for me, though I'd be interested to hear from others as well.

    Since the "mute track" binding can also toggle record on an empty track, I think (going from memory...) my setup is the following:

    Switch 1 - toggle mute, track 1
    Switch 2 - toggle mute, track 2
    Switch 3 - toggle mute, track 3
    Switch 4 - toggle mute, track 4
    Switch 5 - toggle mute, track 5
    Switch 6 - toggle mute, track 6
    Switch 7 - half clock length
    Switch 8 - double clock length
    Switch 9 - toggle mute, all tracks
    Switch 10 - reset session

    Pedal 1 - volume control (I don't use this much...a little too buggy for my taste)
    Pedal 2 - pan control (don't really use this either)

  • @untergeek; @eldein
    Thanks to everybody for sharing your setups!
    I can clearly see some similarities, so this makes it easier to understand, which bindings are "the most necessary ones".

    Yes, I have read about your mod to the IODock in a different post, and the setup you describe is really quite impressive, but this sounds very technical to me and is far beyond my horizon, I am just a simple musician ... ;-)

    I am going to setup my fcb1010 tonight (at least I will try) following some of your hints, guys

    Thanks again and keep rockin' (or whatever style you play...)

  • Yep, i use the FCB1010 out of the box. No tapdance programming for me. Every "FCB switch" has its unique "PC number" which is the command loopy uses. I configure al the binding directly in loopy.

  • @steff Just do away with the IO dock and think Camera Connection Kit with a standard USB hub. Same thing, worse usability - but a lot easier to replicate :)

  • I recently discovered this PC Editor for FCB1010 (Free, Windows). I'm gradually learning how to do in-depth programming of my FB1010 without it, but this editor makes it really convenient to send different setups to and from the FCB1010 via SysEx, and gives a great overview of all parameters at once. I plan to create templates for different ways of using the pedalboard with Loopy HD.

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    1. Toggle record
    2. Select next track / toggle record
    3. Toggle mute

    My iPad is kept sideways, so the tracks are 5, 3, 1, 6, 4, 2 from top to bottom, left to right

    4. Select track 5 / toggle mute
    5. Select track 3 / toggle mute
    6. Select track 1 / toggle mute
    7. Select track 6 / toggle mute
    8. Select track 4 / toggle mute

    9. Previous track
    10. Next track

    These two commands allow me to record verse/chorus/bridge sections and switch between them if I choose to

    11. Toggle mute / next track / toggle mute
    12. Toggle mute / previous track / toggle mute

    13. Erase track (long press: reset session)

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