iTunes Save not working

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Since the latest version I can't properly save files in iTunes. When using the "Save As" button in the apps screen, file names appear in the chosen directory but the .aif extension is missing the file size is 0 bytes. This was working fine in prior versions.


Windows Vista Home 32-bit
Loopy 2.2.1



  • Hey @patrick - I'm afraid we developers don't have any control over this functionality - it's all implemented in iTunes. There've been problems with iTunes' document access with prior versions; has the problem re-emerged since you last updated iTunes? Perhaps it's worth downgrading. Either way, I'm afraid there's not much I can do from here, but you could try contacting Apple.
  • Hi Michael,

    Ahh, okay got ya. Makes perfect sense. In that case, I'll pursue from the iTunes end. Thanks.
  • Just wanted to let anyone know who is having trouble saving AIFF's from Itunes on a Windows PC... I found a fix for this issue. The problem is Windows doesn't allow the colon in the hour times tamp. So just rename the files in iTunes to remove it and then it will save correctly.
  • Thanks patrick!! This worked perfectly, also when importing sessions!

    @loopy developers: please review: - after patricks post there is something you could do, remove the colon from the files when saving records and sessions. Thanks!
  • Righto, @Peter, will do =)
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