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Is it possible to start a new loop not synced to the click track and then have Loopy determine the BPM based on the duration of the loop and the number of bars pre-entered? I use an EHX 2880 now and don't want to play with a click track, but I still want my looper to be a master for syncing my other midi gear but the 2880 can't send bpm midi clock data unless you play with the click track.


  • Hey - I'm not sure I quite understand your question, I'm afraid. Let me ask my own: What kind of setup are you after? You say you want your 2880 to be the clock master, but if that's the case, then Loopy has no choice but to follow it, as a slave. Do you perhaps want Loopy to be the master, which controls the 2880, which then acts as master for the rest of your devices?
    If you're happy having Loopy control the tempo, then there's no need to start your session with the BPM pre-set. Just play the first loop, and Loopy will figure it out.
  • k, I got this working now. Resetting the session worked out. I would like to replace my ehx 2880 with loopy and an ipad and have loopy send the master clock to some other external gear (synthesizer with lfo, arpeggiator synced to midi clock and a drum machine).

    Another question, how does Loopy determine the difference between a loop being at 65 bpm and 130 bpm if it doesn't know the number of measures in the loop? Don't you need ((number of measures)*(beats in measure))/(length of loop in seconds) * (60 seconds) = BPM?

    I haven't tested this out since I don't have a midi interface into loopy, but I should be able to create a loop in loopy, have loopy set the bpm for me based on the loop length and then have all my other gear slave to loopy's master clock?

    Thanks for your hep!
  • Glad to hear it. Loopy just takes a guess - between 60 and 180 BPM. It doesn't always get it right, though, which is why you should pre-set a tempo if you need it to be a specific number.
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