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Renaming sessions and recordings?

edited October 2011 in General
Hi Michael, thank you for a great and highly addictive app!

I was wondering if there is a way to rename the sessions so that they are easier to come back to, I find it hard to know which session has which time stamp. If I could instead give it a custom name like Greatest Pop Song Ever, that would be great!

The same with recordings, that would make an amazing app even amazinger. :)

Keep it up!


  • If you tap "edit" and then the name of the recording or session in question, you can rename it.
  • (*Thinking @Loopyfan should totally be on the payroll*) ;-)
  • Thanks! That worked like a charm!
    If it isn't already, it would be a nice thing to show in the tutorials, as it could be a little hard to figure out by myself :)

    Thanks again for a great app!
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