Tracking of inputs 1 & 2 (L/R) on TASCAM US-800 doesn't make sense.

I'm a brand new user of Loopy and just had my first session last night and met with a bit of frustration. I'm using an Ipad 2 with iOs 4.3.2 (8H7) and using a TASCAM US-800 interface through the USB camera port.

The first thing I tried was using only input 1 on the TASCAM. I immediately noticed that I could only monitor through the app on the left speaker. I was able to record a loop, playback, etc. But the recorded sound would only come out of the left speaker. However, the metronome would come out in the center, i.e. both speakers. After recording and selecting the pan option, the loop's audio would drop out as I panned it right. No sound ever came out of the right channel.

Next I tried using only the input 2 on the TASCAM. Repeat the exact experience as above, but now with the right channel. However, in this case, no visual waveform graphic for the track would be "recorded" in the loop. It would just stay the bright white/grey "blank" colour. However the loop did play back, record, etc as above, there was just no visual representation of it in the "loop".

At this point I was completely perplexed as to what the intented stereo behaviour was. So I tried splitting my same signal into both inputs 1 and 2 (L/R) and recording both 1 & 2 simultaneously. Basically what I got was the sum of the two above...

Maybe I'm missing something, but this is the oddest behaviour in an audio tracking app I've ever seen. I'm guessing here, but it seems like Loopy is assuming that L/R inputs will always be present, and always identical. So that the input "appears" to be a centred mono signal but "panning" isn't panning at all, but relative attenuation of the opposite (always assumed identical) channel. It only creates a visual graphic representation of the left channel, because it assumes both channels are identical. I verified that by adding a delay effect to the right channel while recording both simultaneously. The graphic only tracked the dry signal (left), not the sum of the two. Which is why I'm guessing when you only record the right channel, it just leaves the graphic blank.

So maybe I'm just flat out missing something here? Or maybe I'm experiencing a bug? If not, could someone explain how L/R channel recording/playback/panning is supposed to work (or point me to a previous thread)? Thanks!


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