Loopy & Molten

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Has anyone had success using these two apps together? I'd like to start a beat in molten and then use Loopy to loop on top of it, but when I try to switch to Loopy while Molten is running, I get a horrible buzzing sound that won't stop until I shut down Loopy. Anyone else experience this?


  • This sounds like the same issue with running Animoog and Loopy - they're both demanding apps that, together, overwhelm the CPU. What device are you using, out of curiosity?

    I'm planning on doing a bit of performance optimisation on Loopy soon, anyway.
  • Thanks for the response Michael. I'm using an iPad2.
  • Righto! Well, it turns out "soon" is "today", and I'm doing a complete overhaul of the audio engine, so hopefully we'll see some results soon.
  • Wow, that's some kind of service!
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