Getting Loopy and Garageband to Play nice together?

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I am relatively new to the MIDI world, but I am trying to keep my head above water with the lingo and the learning while going insane at the amount of possibilities. So in other words, pardon me if my question seems a bit dense...

I want to know if I can use a midi keyboard, playing sounds through ios garageband, to record into loopy.

I am using the iRig midi device to get the hardware keyboard into my iPhone.

From what I have messed around with, I can start a loop, play it in the background, and play (for example) the piano in garageband along WITH the loops, but can not actually record something from the piano onto a loop.

Throw in the magnificent softstep (by keith mcmillen instruments) and my live looping set-up would be perfect, if for this one feature being possible.

Thanks for the help, and the support for this app astounds me. Michael, you are tre impressive!


  • Thanks heaps for the kind words @vortexas!

    Funny you should ask - no, this has never been possible. Until... well, soon. I'm currently working on what I think is a pretty game-changing new project for iOS called Audio Bus, which will facilitate precisely this kind of usage scenario. It'll need cooperation by other app developers (which Apple, being Apple, is unlikely to give, so don't count on Garageband ever supporting this), but it will allow you to play instrument apps straight into (among others) Loopy. We're looking at a launch within the next couple of months.
  • Faaaaaantastic. Great news indeed. I must say I envy your job a bit: constantly being challenged to find new ways to make your "baby" better and being pushed to advance it. And with praise from the masses (and critics) for your hard work to help fuel it all....not bad at all, good sir.
  • Ah yeah, I have myself a time ;-)
  • I am experimenting with ganging an iPhone running Loopy, with Garageband running on my iPad. I am using usb/camera connector through an Alesis Multimix8 fx usb mixer on the iPad - then out of that into the iPhone via guitarworks guitarjack. I am still experimenting with settings ie. live playthrough etc. - and the mixer routing. I will try going in and out of the iPhone via the headphone jack and a splitter-adapter too.

    Untill Michael completes his new project - the audio bus, doe anyone else have an 'ultimate' hardware set up to share? - that would be appreciated.
  • @Michael: do I understand you right, that using "audio bus" I would be able to record a vocal into Loopy at the same time as using a USB keyboard (via the Camera Connection Kit) to play, say a piano sound in another app? If so, that would be great as the one thing that seems to evade me is the ability to record more than one thing at the same time....
  • @5StarNomad: Audio Bus lets you play audio from other apps into Loopy (among others). Whether the app records this input simultaneously with the microphone input is up to the app, not Audio Bus - but it's certainly technically feasible, and I'd be happy to consider adding this functionality to Loopy once Audio Bus has been released.
  • @Michael: thanks for your reply. If you were to add this functionality to Loopy, that would be fantastic - many thanks. That would be really great to have that (as I said playing a sound via the CCK in one app and recording voice via mic at the same time). I can't wait for that to happen.
  • I love the Audio Bus idea. it seems crazy to work on a guitar tone in ampkit or jamup or whatever - but be excluded from looping apps such as this one. Can't wait!
  • I want to be able to use my iPhone as a loop pedal on stage (vocals keyboard guitar drums)I have been looking into this recently and I can't get my head around it.. so maybe it is because its not possible.. make it happen loop pedals are very expensive and if i could use my mac and my iPhone on stage It would definantley be the way forward for me..
  • Michael, this is excellent.

    On the Softstep topic: Is Softstep compatible with Loopy?
  • @miguelmarcos: If it's Core MIDI compatible, then yep.
  • Hi Michael. I'm still leanring about Audiobus capabilities, but can you verify for me if I can open up Garageband on my iPad 3 and somehow record sounds from my Korg iMS-20 app that I have loaded onto the same iPad? I also use an Alesis IO dock for guitar and vocal inputs. Thanks and nice work!

  • @stratt both of those apps would need to explicitly add support for audiobus. Apple is extremely unlikely to do it. I'm doubtful about ims-20 as well but perhaps Michael has some inside info he's willing to share. :)

  • Thanks, @syrup =) Yep, that answer pretty much covered it. I won't speculate on likelihoods though.

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