Connecting over Network?

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first, it´s really a great app. everything works like a charm, except: i can´t get a network connection.
the iphone is connected to my home network, but if i enable the network, the app will search but not find any network??
i can connect various macs and laptops and iphones in my network without problems, just loopy can´t find the network.
i´m using loopy on an iphone 4g, iOs5.01
any ideas?


  • Hi Christian,

    That area in Loopy's MIDI settings doesn't display the WiFi network (that's configured by the system, which as you say, you've already done) - it shows other hosts on the network that are Network MIDI (RTP MIDI, to be precise) compatible. If you have another iOS device with Loopy (or another app that supports Network MIDI) on it, try starting Loopy on the device - you should see the device appear. Or, open Audio MIDI Setup on your mac, and enable the network session (MIDI Studio -> Network, Create or enable a network session).
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