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drag finger to menu choice

edited October 2011 in Creations
hey folks - first off amazing app! can't believe i JUST got to know of this through your premium placement on the app store as of lately. sad i missed the sale a couple days ago - but that means little considering i now haaave to buy an irig/jam style input device!

anyways - i just wanted to offer two quick feedbacks regarding the interface and issues i've run into. it goes without saying that most aspects of this interface are flawless and oh so intuitive. after loading out a full set of 12 loops i can't help but see skateboard wheels staring me down. anyways:

1 - a weird problem i run into, is when trying to use the pan tool, it requires one to have their finger held down on the looppad - and for some reason this often auto switches over to the volume dB setting = a pan to the right can kill your ears if it changes while trying to push it 100% pan right. perhaps that holddown volume change needs to be disabled when the person is in another setting like pan [especially for additional effects in the future].

2 - when i hold my finger down to bring up the menu, it's a bit of wasted energy to lift my finger and then click the item i want. if you could program it so that once the menu appears after being held down long enough and then simply drag my finger towards a menu option and release = even more intuitive and time saving.

that's it upon first impression - awesome work [can't believe how intelligent the built in gate is...wow] and look forward to the effects implementation.


  • hey i can add a bug i just found too the list:

    - when turning on Noise Reduction.. then turning it off.. i can no longer hear the live playthrough - if i go and deactivate and reactivate Live Playthrough, then it works again.

    [this is using Loopy HD on iPad 2, iOS 4.3.5]
  • Thanks heaps for the feedback, @ffd8! (And for the kind words - that's great to hear!!)

    That's a good idea about the menu! I'll see what I can do (and I'll fix those issues)
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