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Hi! Michael here - upon a very good suggestion from a Loopy user, I've set up this forum so users can share Loopy tips, talk about hardware that works with Loopy, show off and get feedback on creations, and discuss feature requests with each other (and me! - We've already had some great ideas here that have found their way into Loopy).

My hopes are that it'll be a place where members can inspire and be inspired, see how others are using the app (I'm really interested in this!), and help to shape Loopy's development.

So, I hope you find it a useful resource! Do drop in and say hello.



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    Awesome! Just grabbed HD last night, so I will certainly have some workflow questions and am interested in sharing workflows with people. Great idea opening a forum, great way to have direct access to devs and other users.
  • Cheers, renderful! Looking forward to hearing about it!
  • hey michael.

    i'm super digging loopy2. i got the iPhone app a few days ago, and of course instantly grabbed the iPad hd version when it came out the other day. i'm loving it so far. i actually just discovered the option of having more than 6 loops in the layout. so that rules. i do have a couple of feature requests, as well as a few videos of my first couple sessions. i'll put those in the proper forums (which i just noticed off to the right there. i'm feeling very observant today).

    now my only problem is getting other apps to play nice with loopy. there are a couple of novelty beat-making programs (like madpad) that i like to start in, and then use loopy for the real song production. and i'm trying to keep my macbook out of the chain if i can. (i like the idea of the iPad being a self-sufficient music tool)

    yikes. i'm rambling. anyway, thanks for this great app, and thanks for making a place to talk about how great it is :)

  • Thanks heaps for the kind words, Pete!

    I'd *love* to be able to do things like capture audio from other apps - unfortunately, iOS specifically prevents us from doing it, which is a real shame. Still, if the apps support audio copy, then you can always record, copy the audio from within the app, then paste it into a track in Loopy.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  • There is the possibility of a version for Android?
  • I'm afraid not, no - I just don't have the resources to get it done, I'm afraid: I'd prefer to put those resources into making Loopy for iOS great =)
  • Great app.! Gratulation! Started yesterday to use it. Easy and intuitive to learn. But I need a foot controller;-) Any idea?
    What do you think about banks? All the loops of one sequence collect live in diff. banks to activate and deactivate them.
    Difficult to explain form me;-))

    But great app. I like it very much. Good work.

  • Thanks, Sylvester! Foot pedal control coming soon with the MIDI support; I'm afraid I didn't quite understand your description of the banks feature - if you'd like to elaborate, then start a new discussion in the "Support and Feedback" category so others can find it and jump in!
  • hi there this is a really cool looking/sounding app!

    btw, is there a way to, upon importing a loop off the paste board or from the browser, have the loop be automatically muted right at first? i'm thinking in terms of doing a live set with this and would like to bring in allot of different loops throughout a 45min-1hour period of time... if the loop could be muted upon import, it's volume could be subtly faded in which would make for a much cleaner live set...
  • There sure is! Just turn off the "Play" switch on the import screen.
  • excellent thank you! btw, anyway to pause an individual loop(or make it restart?)
  • You can *mute*, but not pause or restart any one loop, I'm afraid.
  • gotcha - maybe pause/restart would be useful additions for loopy down the roady?

    anyway, i love the unique feature that you can use two fingers to twist the loop's start point (it does make a cool sound effect!), however it gets tough to twist the loop very far before your fingers turn into a pretzel - any chance for a future update where after starting the twist with two fingers, you could let up one finger and continue to twist the sound around with the one finger still holding?

    sorry to feature creep - i don't wanna recommend anything that wouldn't be useful to others :}
  • Perhaps!

    You know, I'm planning on adding exactly that feature soon - I'm thinking about a way to make it a bit like scrubbing, too, so that when you stop moving your finger, the sound stops as well, maybe as an optional setting...
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    scrubbing would be wicked - like a mini turntable scratch; i'd like to see dj qbert work that! ;}
  • Hi I am new to this and I don't hate me for asking, but how do you set up a loop without that long gap. I want it to automatically start so I could use it like Phil Keagy. It probably is simple but I was having trouble.
    Ps this is a lot of fun.
  • Just bought HD yesterday, and is having some real fun with it! Thanks for the great app!

    Is iRig / iRig Mic being supported? Also, will loop manipulation features like pitch shifting and reverse etc. be implemented in the future?
  • Joe: I'm afraid I'm not quite following you there - which long gap is that? Do you mean how do you turn off count-in so it starts recording as soon as you tap? (That's in Settings, by the way)

    Waichung: Yep, the iRig/etc works great! Pitch shift, reverse and a bunch of other stuff is coming, as soon as MIDI's implemented!
  • ooh reverse!! yay!
  • Is there any doc/manual available online aside from the tutorial in the app?
  • Thanks Michael! Can't wait!
  • Citybuddha: Not yet! But it is on my to-do list =) (There's also a few help topics in-app, aside from the tutorial)
  • First: I*love* the app!

    @Joe: I think I know what you mean. On a completely new session, if you tap a loop and then start recording, it also records the silence between the tap and the beginning of the sound. I have two ways around this (maybe there are more?):

    1. Set the tempo (bpm) beforehand and enable count in (is on by default)
    2. Start singing *immediately* upon the first tap, and tap again on the next first beat of the bar (trickier this)

    The manual says something about hold and release, but I haven't managed to get that to work. Hope this helps, am still exploring the app's possibilities...
  • Ah, thanks for the clarification, @Loopyfan (and the kind words!)! That's right - the app doesn't currently have a way of detecting leading silence (it's made to behave like most loop pedals, where the response is immediate). I find it's useful to think of the track tap like percussion - you tap on the downbeats.

    (Actually - you *release* - as in, touch up - on the downbeats)

    Or, as @Loopyfan says, set the tempo and a count-in.
  • i think i'm an idiot. where or how do you email, etc. a session? i see where you do it in recordings but the session, or maybe the renamed session, isn't in the recordings list. i feel that this is most likely operator error. :) i'm trying to email/transfer a couple of things i did last night to my laptop today. sorry for the elementary question.
  • Hi @kslilley - actually, there's not yet a way to email sessions. But if you plug your iDevice into iTunes, you can drag the sessions straight off the device onto your computer. (have a look at the "Importing loops" Help topic for more info - the principle is the same)
  • sweet! so i'm not a complete idiot. ha great app by the way! was doing some songwriting last night with a guitarist friend and it was so very helpful as we put some motif ideas together and played around with some possibilities. love it!
  • No, not at all!

    That's great!! I'm very glad to hear it helps your creative process - I love hearing that =)
  • I love the youtube movies of the Loopy app. Next month I can get a new phone. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S but now I will get a iPhone for only one reason. To use the Loopy app. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  • Woohoo! Do you hear that, Apple? Where's my commission? ;-)
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